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QuManAcS set-up four business-lines that are fully integrated with one and
another under Integrated Structure Reporting (ISR ®) or individually
available to you:

Integrated Structure Reporting – ISR ®

ISR ® is making efficient use of all back office functionalities in place and
outsource this at a lower cost. In short this is one-stop-shopping for back
The underlying reason for this concept is two fold:

Internal business set-up; and

Changes in the economical environment.

Internal business set-up:

Though many companies envisage and believe back office functionalities are
constantly in open communication with one and another, experience in
practice show most of the cost inefficiency is created by the communication
between different departments as lack of intra-functionality coordination.
ISR ® is the concept to solve this; enhancing and improving the control at
management levels throughout the organization in providing condensed and
complete information sources, through centralized coordination.

Changes in the economical environment:

The business environment reached a critical situation as a result of the credit
crunch in full swing over the last half of 2008. As a result debt underwriting is
becoming more stringent and financing is harder to be found and will cost
This puts and will put an increased pressure on the investors and
management of many businesses for providing information and control over
information providing.
Further other regulatory bodies (as the EU) issue more rules on
reporting, corporate income taxes, etcetera.

A solution to the increased pressure on the information process can be
realized by implementing ISR®. With this the information flows of all back
office functions and the organization itself is coordinated through an
independent party with no internal goal, this to conclude in a higher reliance
on the information for management. When interested please contact us for
more information or to meet personally.

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Accounting & Management Information Services

Accounting services are considered the backbone of QuManAcS. In short a
business’ primary focus is to create a sustainable ongoing life cycle based on
profitability and preferable constant financial growth.
This links in to QuManAcS’ management vision that any important information
and communication to the stakeholders of an entity is using the financial
and/or financial supporting data to report and/or communicate.

In any business incoming data and information will or is most likely to have a
financial impact on the entity (direct or indirect). As a result management of
an entity is using financial data or direct financially related data (e.g.
production reports, sales reports) to monitor, evaluate, correct and manage
their activities and operations.
As a result accounting services are not to be seen separate of Management
Information Services, but as a vital part to have an effective and efficient
Management Information Process. The key success indicators for this service
area are: accurate, complete and timely.

The following accounting and management information services (not limited)
can be provided:

Day-2-day accounting


Internal and external reporting

Tax administration & reporting

Specific project accounting

Royalty and license accounting;

Work in progress accounting/Project accounting

Fixed asset accounting

Purchase/Sales accounting

Loan accounting

Budget accounting

Fund accounting

When interested please contact us for more information or to meet

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Consultancy Services
The consultancy services include the advisory business of QuManAcS B.V.,
focusing on higher management level strategic issues. These services assist
higher management as a sparring partner, not taking over the business or
telling you how to do your business, but providing assistance in creating more
than one view on a specific issue. Consultancy services that can be provided
are related to a variety of areas.

The main area is strategic assessments. This area includes many advisory
      projects relating to a variety of strategic issues e.g. core business reviews,
      development assessments, feasibility studies, market overviews.

Reorganizations: focussing on issues that relate to structuring of reorganization
      projects in how, when and documenting the step plans.

The synergy advisory focuses on optimization of the acquisitions and
      integration of the companies to have the most efficient and effective fusion
      of entities and processes.

Efficiency reviews includes a broad spectrum on improvement of efficiency
      at various company levels. This can be on production, but also on other
      segments of the business or on communication and information processes
      that are cross business. The end result is always focused on reducing the
      cost of process steps by having a professional and skeptic view on the current set-

Organization set-up and restructuring focuses on new business structures to
      be created by entities. This can be tax restructuring initiatives or
      new/separating business activities.

When interested please contact us for more information or to meet

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Management Services
Management Services focus on the level of managing director and
upper/middle management level. This includes many aspects and areas
relating to the operational execution of the business. These services are to
create a flexible and cost efficient outsourcing of management supporting
functionalities, maximizing control of management. The following areas are
included in this service line:

Compliance checks:
Compliance covers the area of checking if an entity is performing its business
and/or operational processes in line with set-out in defined laws, regulations
and/or covenants.

Internal Audit:
As the Internal Audit function is increasing importance in many businesses as
result of the continuous and fast changing (global) environment. Many
companies are setting-up an Internal Audit or related (e.g. SoX) department.
QuManAcS encourages these initiatives for all companies, but realizes it increases
the pressure on an organization for additional overhead expenses to occur.
The solution of QuManAcS is providing one team of internal audit experts
performing internal audits/assurance services to management. This service is
based on establishing in agreement with the management and internal audit plan,
defining the services, time lines and standard comprehensive reporting to
management and supervisory management. Another option is setting up an
internal audit functionality and transfer the functionality in combination with
the below service.

Interim Management:
Setting up businesses; developing businesses; continuing businesses and
down-sizing businesses, all these activities need management to coordinate
the activities and processes. However the right management might not be
available at all times. In order to prevent any status-quo holding
consequences for the organization, QuManAcS provides a short-time solution
to this issue by providing on instant or on short term to management the
right person(s) to fulfill the job. This person is picking up, carrying on and
handing over the management function in due care, not stopping any
activities causing damage to the business of the customer and with a
minimum of loss of time.

Auditing Services:
QuManAcS is not envisaging performing these types of audit and assurance
services to management. Goal of this service is assisting management in
minimizing the expenses for audit and assurance services by performing pre-
audit/assurance activities to organizations. This include, based on the
experience  of the professionals of QuManAcS that planning, documents and
files are prepared as needed, to have external auditors performing their
engagement. As a result the time spent by the external auditor is to be
limited for personnel used, etc. In the end it is to conclude in minimizing the
cost constraint for the organization.

When interested please contact us for more information or to meet

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Special Projects

Special Projects is the service area provided by QuManAcS that includes many
special and unique characteristics that are often considered to be not an
element of the normal business resulting in temporary projects. Often are
these projects related to set-up activities, concept-development related to the
other business lines offered by QuManAcS, but they comprise a more
specifically defined characteristic.

For this special projects include predefined, limited in time, once occurring
and non repetitive activities. Special projects can include the following (not limited):

Due diligence support;

IT implementations support (not technical aspect);

Initial Price Offerings and listings;

Sarbanes Oxley implementations and/or redesigns; and

Pricing and valuation reviews.

When interested please contact us for more information or to meet

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