Who we are

QuManAcS is a company specialized in providing services in the area of
Management information and administrative control (Management and

As the name is the abbreviation for Quality Management & Accounting
Services, our focus is on providing quality in everything we do at the
highest level possible and expected from our clients and than just add that
little bit extra to excel on the expectations of our clients.

As quality is our main driver, our people are experts with a broad experience
in the field of accounting, management and project management. This
together with the experience of the board of QuManAcS and our own internal
procedures the quality standards are ensured.

Based on the experience gained over the years, and the view of the
management and founders of QuManAcS, it is possible to offer companies
a more cost efficient and more effective service level by combining the
expertise of each and everyone within QuManAcS. Thriving to be creative and
innovative is a part of this at all times.

For this QuManAcS is set-up in four business-lines that are fully integrated
with one and another under Integrated Structure Reporting (ISR ®) or
individually available to you:

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